Welcome to the Nex-Centori Campaign

Here are the goals of this game.

My goal as a DM: is to step out of the “kiddie pool” of DMing and jumping into the deep in of the spectrum.

My goals to provide the player: Is a immersive world that has been built to allow the RPers to Flex their muscles as well as allowing my combat oriented players to hack and slash. oh and skill challenges will be there to.

My goals with the world: This world is designed to be dynamic, meaning that the world is not on pause when your are not interacting with it(Example: you are sent to find and recruit a general in the next town over and while on your way you get ambushed by goblins so the group decides to track them back to their cave and finish off that goblin tribe congratulations the roads are now safe to travel but when you arrive in town you find the general has moved on to another town.). the continent of Nex-Centaro is a hotbed of activity and your choices will decide the fate of this land.


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